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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong Creatures

The eighth full length album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, following on from 2013's 'Specter At The Feast'.

“Your perspective goes away when you've been down the rabbit hole for too long,” admits Shapiro. “Having someone come in and say that it's good and you can stop working yourself to death… If we don't have a sounding board like that we'll never stop working. We'll stay in that rehearsal studio forever.” Hayes chuckles to himself. “We're stuck up our own ass a bit much.”


  1. D.F.F.
  2. 2.Spook
  3. 3.King of Bones
  4. 4.Haunt
  5. 5.Echo
  6. 6.Ninth Configuration
  7. 7.Question of Faith
  8. 8.Calling Them All Away
  9. 9.Little Thing Gone Wild
  10. 10.Circus Bazooko
  11. 11.Carried From The Start
  12. 12.All Rise