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Yours, Truly - Self Care

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Barely a year and a half after we first sat down with their breakout EP 'Afterglow', Sydney’s own Yours Truly are on the cusp of releasing their debut album 'Self Care' for the whole world to see. Released on September 18th through UNFD, 'Self Care' is a fearless charge into stardom for one of Australia’s most promising talents, once again showcasing why the four-piece have been held in incredibly high regard since their earliest days.

Bold and bursting with life, 'Self Care' is a declaration of the band’s credentials on the global stage as it works to combine the bubbly sounds of modern pop-punk with the grit and tenacity of the 2000’s radio rock era

Pressed on rare tri-colour vinyl featuring transparent blue, maroon, and clear segments, its super limited run of just 400 copies.