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I Have Four Names - IH4N (DX)

I Have Four Names is an independent artist from Sydney making bass-driven indie rock with electronic elements. The project mission is to make maximalist songs that pack a full and fun impact but never overstay their welcome.

His debut album, 'IH4N (DX)' is an ever-evolving mix of sounds, offering twenty original tracks that flow with genuine energy and surprise. Along with the release of the LP, which is pressed on gorgeous orange and green marbled vinyl, we're also giving away a free copy of I Have Four Names' latest EP, the critically acclaimed 'Spike It'.


  1. IH4N
  2. The Other Hand is Always Greener
  3. Are We Clear, Krystal?
  4. Capslocked
  5. The Solomon Method
  6. Technically Yes, Theoretically No
  7. Grab Me By the Collar
  8. Contrarian Background
  9. Violence and Sloppy Eating
  11. HPM (Interlude)
  12. Grayscale Gold
  13. Headache Gray
  14. Dream Sequencing
  15. Tin Anniversary
  16. The "Yes" Pen
  17. Bus Damaged
  18. Elicit
  19. This is Our Way of Telling You
  20. Blue Elephant