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Johnny Lloyd - La La La

His third studio album in as many years, ‘La La La’ arrives as the follow-up to 2020's album 'Cheap Medication' and 2019's debut 'Next Episode Starts In 15 Seconds’ in what is the next instalment of Johnny's annual series of releases.

The new album continues a prolific spell of activity for the songwriter that has also seen him release two compilations of outtakes and rarities (Low Fidelity Vol. 1 & 2); work in collaboration with his partner Billie Piper and playwright Lucy Prebble (Succession) to score the entire soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Sky Atlantic series ‘I Hate Suzie’; and write the original motion picture soundtrack to Billie Piper's film 'Rare Beasts'.

A dreamy, summer song about finding love and building a home together. No doubt drawing on his own settled home life, Johnny encapsulates romance and happiness - perfect for the long summer months.


1. 2 3 6 7
2. Joypolis
3. Moments On Earth
4. About Time
5. Subscription
6. Perfect Body
7. Night Guard
8. Don't Swim Stoned
9. Beautiful World
10. Close To Home
11. It's On You
12. Touch The Sun
13. In The City
14. God Bless Ronnie Wood