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Tom Southey - Find Out

An exclusive vinyl release from Broken 8 Records and Sydney-based artist Tom Southey, ‘Find Out’ is a unique and beautifully crafted debut that shines with heart and true independent spirit.

While the album is currently available as a digital download on CD, this is the first time that ‘Find Out’ has been available on vinyl, and to celebrate, we've pulled out all the stops. Pressed as a stunning 'sunrise' LP on 180-gram vinyl, featuring split orange and black vinyl with accompanying splatter, the album comes packaged in a printed sleeve featuring artwork by Newcastle creative studio, NELM. A very limited pressing with only 100 copies being made, this new release is exclusive to Broken 8 Records.

Originally released in 2020, 'Find Out' was inspired by a mix of influences and ideas, perfectly illustrating Tom's expansive, yet timeless sound. Tom said of the album, "I recorded it over the past year as I've been experimenting further with songwriting and production."

Campaign Details

As an exclusive release from Broken 8 Records and Tom Southey, 'Find Out’ is available as part of our new pre-ordering platform. As such, the album will not go into full production until a minimum number of sales has been reached to cover the basic costs of pressing, packaging and shipping the orders. Please note, all images are provided for illustrative purposes and the final product may vary slightly.

Project update: The campaign is now funded and finished! Copies of the LP are shipping now!


  1. Who Are We
  2. Find Out
  3. Run River
  4. Lost at Sea
  5. Fall
  6. What I Leave Behind
  7. Find Out - Reprise


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