How to Crash Spotify's Editorial Playlist Party in 2024

Spotify stands as the world's leading music platform, boasting an impressive 400 million users, with 180 million subscribing to premium services. A significant portion of these users are playlist curators, wielding substantial influence over music discovery.

For independent artists distributing music, Spotify offers a complimentary playlist submission tool, facilitating exposure to a broader audience. Submissions can include both new releases and existing tracks, potentially earning coveted spots on various Spotify playlists, thus increasing plays, followers, and overall recognition.

A world of opportunities exist on Spotify, including three distinct playlist types for aspiring artists: editorially curated playlists, algorithm-driven playlists (e.g., Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes), and user-created playlists.

While the former two fall under Spotify's domain, with the latter relying on their proprietary algorithm, it is the editorial playlists that command the most attention. Curated by Spotify's global team of music experts, these playlists boast the largest followings and frequently appear in user searches. Securing a spot on such a playlist can equate to mainstream radio airplay, with prominence correlating to audience size.

The traditional path involves building traction through user-generated playlists, attracting algorithmic attention, and ultimately, the notice of editorial playlist curators. However, a more direct approach exists.

Strategies for Editorial Playlist Placement

To be eligible for submission, tracks must be unreleased and distributed through a third-party service (e.g., CDBaby, Distrokid, Tunecore). It is crucial to ensure the track appears in the 'Spotify Upcoming Songs' list at least one week prior to release. Another option is to use a Spotify ad campaign, by One Submit, it’s a new and unique method developed to trigger Spotify’s algorithmic playlists.

Upon release, artists can utilise their Spotify for Artists dashboard to submit tracks, providing details such as hometown, genres, music cultures, moods, song styles, instruments, and a compelling description/pitch.

While success is not guaranteed, artists are encouraged to monitor their Spotify profile for updates and potential playlist inclusions.

Additional Avenues for Playlist Placement

For independent playlist curators, One Submit offers a service connecting artists with playlists curated by individuals, YouTube channels, blogs, radio stations, and even TikTok influencers.

User-generated playlists represent another significant avenue for exposure. Artists can proactively reach out to playlist curators or utilise services like One Submit to connect with legitimate curators whose playlists align with their genre and style.

Key Considerations While user-generated playlists offer substantial potential, it is crucial to distinguish between playlists with genuine followings and those relying on artificial engagement. Paid placement on such playlists is discouraged due to its limited efficacy.

Ultimately, the key lies in securing placements on authentic, popular playlists curated by individuals with a genuine interest in the artist's genre.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Spotify's submission process requires the following information, so make sure you head to your music dashboard and update it to include:

  • Hometown (Represent your origins)
  • Up to three genres (Pop, Rock, Dance, etc.)
  • Up to two music cultures (Latin, Hindu, etc.)
  • The track's vibe (Select two moods: Sad, Chill, etc.)
  • Song style (Choose up to two: Acoustic, Holiday, etc.)
  • Instruments used (Optional)
  • Track description (Keep it concise)
  • A compelling pitch explaining the song's creation and significance.

After submission, artists should monitor their Spotify profile for updates and potential playlist inclusions.

Amplifying Your Reach: Beyond Spotify Playlists

While playlist submission is an excellent avenue for independent artists, alternative options exist. One Submit, for instance, connects artists with playlists curated by individuals, YouTube channels, blogs, radio stations, and TikTok influencers.

User-generated playlists present another valuable platform for exposure. Artists can directly contact playlist curators or utilise services like One Submit to connect with legitimate curators aligning with their genre.

It is crucial to differentiate between user-generated playlists with genuine followings and those with artificial engagement. Paying for placement on such playlists is inadvisable due to limited effectiveness.

How to Secure Legitimate Playlist Placements in Your Genre

There are two primary methods for securing placement on genuine user-curated playlists within your genre:

  1. Direct Outreach: You can independently research and contact playlist curators. Identify playlists aligned with your genre, locate the appropriate contact, and request consideration for your track. Be aware that response rates may be lower for highly popular playlists, as curators often receive a high volume of submissions. Exercise caution if payment is requested for placement, as this often indicates inauthentic followers. This direct approach can be time-consuming with varying results.

  2. Music Submission Services: A more efficient alternative is to utilise a music submission service specialising in Spotify promotion. These services, such as One Submit, act as intermediaries between artists and playlist curators, YouTube channels, blogs, and other platforms. They vet playlists for legitimacy and genre compatibility, ensuring your music reaches relevant audiences. Curators review your submission and provide feedback, regardless of their decision. This approach saves time and targets genuine music enthusiasts.

The key to success is ensuring your music reaches authentic, popular curators whose playlists resonate with your sound. Fake followers are inconsequential. Music submission services can provide the necessary access to valuable placements.

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