49 Burning Condors Cast a Spell with Haunting New Single, 'Black Waters'

Philadelphia-based gothic witch-rock band, 49 Burning Condors, have unleashed their latest incantation, 'Black Waters', a mesmerising journey into myth and melody. The track, a dark and epic exploration of the Scylla myth, is interwoven with powerful femme fatale themes, showcasing the band's unique blend of acoustic storytelling and hard-hitting rock.

At its core, 'Black Waters' is a stark, sonic odyssey, opening with haunting vocal harmonies and the melancholic slide of a steel-body guitar. The song's intensity builds as a violin weaves its mournful spell, creating a soundscape that is both beautiful and unsettling. The chorus erupts around ninety seconds into the song, delivering a captivating contrast of screaming guitar and dark bass against the warmth of the vocals and violin. As the song continues to twist and turn throughout, it builds perfectly to a chaotic crescendo, leaving you spellbound and yearning for more.

"We thrive off the myths of malefic witches, lustful gods, and unholy ghosts," explains vocalist and lyricist Kimber Dulin. "Our music mirrors these fables, becoming more twisted and ruinous with every listen." In perfect style, the new single is a culmination of the band's witch-rock sound featuring melodic vocal harmonies, steel-body slide guitar and haunting violin.

49 Burning Condors, comprised of a diverse group of souls including Kimber Dulin, Christopher Michael, Andriana Markano, Zach Rinck, and Kat Wilson, have honed their gothic witch-rock sound to perfection. 'Black Waters' is a testament to their talent and a must-listen for fans of the dark and mystical.

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