Daniel McGuinness Announces Debut EP 'The Hourglass', Delivering Five Reflective and Melodic Tracks

Kent-based singer-songwriter Daniel McGuinness has recently shared his debut EP, 'The Hourglass', delivering a heartfelt and undeniable blend of indie, folk, and pop. Known for his smooth vocals, strong melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, McGuinness has been steadily building his musical career since his 2022 debut single, but with his new EP, he has taken things to a whole new level.

'The Hourglass' is a standout release no matter which way you look at it, featuring five well-crafted songs that showcase McGuinness’ unique blend of styles. It opens with the 80s-inspired 'Reciprocity', a vibrant track that sets a lively tone. It then transitions to 'Gone', a post-grunge acoustic ballad that reveals a more introspective side. In the closing moments, McGuinness perfectly balances the EP with 'Never Let It Go' and 'Warm', delivering closing moments that will leave you utterly enchanted.

Third in line, the title track, 'Hourglass', serves as the emotional core of the EP, conveying a message of making every moment count. McGuinness sings, “I’m watching another sunset, but the hourglass ain’t empty just yet,” reflecting on the passage of time and the importance of living fully.

Discussing the EP, McGuinness shared, “The truth is, I should have been putting my first record out years ago, but for most of my 20s I neglected any desire to create music due to a fear that I wasn’t good enough to do it. The pandemic allowed me time to pause and reflect. I didn’t want to look back on my life and wish I’d spent more time doing the things that make me happy. That feeling inspired the writing of the title track, 'Hourglass', and became the prevailing theme of the entire EP as the project took shape.”

Breaking from traditional recording methods, McGuinness collaborated remotely with Uxbridge-based producer Eliott Glinn, recording vocals and guitars from his home studio in Sittingbourne. “I am incredibly particular about my recordings, especially vocals,” he explained. “For this project, I wanted the flexibility to spend an entire weekend at home experimenting to achieve the sound that I felt best served the song. There’s a depth to the arrangements in these tracks that perhaps wasn’t there in my previous releases. It’s unchartered territory and that really excites me as a musician. I can’t wait for people to hear these tunes.”

Available now, 'The Hourglass' is set to cement Daniel McGuinness’ reputation as a rising star in the UK music scene.

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