A decade on from his debut album, Sacha Mullin delivers a soulful new collection

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A Chicago-based singer and songwriter who has been rightly lauded in the past for his ‘commanding, yet vulnerable’ singing style and shifting, evocative compositions, Sacha Mullin has recently returned to the spotlight with his third studio album, ‘Casino Wilderness Period’. Seven years on from his sophomore album ‘Duplex’, and over a decade since his debut, the new album sees Sacha delving into more soulful, introspective sounds, showcasing emotive pop arrangements and shifting, abstract melodies.

Opening with the colourful ‘Arranging Flowers’, Sacha’s third album wastes little time in pushing boundaries, blending silky piano melodies with raw vocals and tender verse. It’s a track that draws you in and forces you to empathise with the artist. It’s a smooth, but expressive opening line, setting the stage for tracks like ‘Fiberglass’, which is armed with vintage pop sounds, ‘Telepathy’, with its vibrant flourishes of RnB sounds, along with tempered, poetic ballads like ‘Waves’ and ‘Neptune in the Snow’.

Holding to a contemporary jazz sound, there is an eclectic feel to the collection, particularly as Sacha moves through style and sounds so freely, and while it can feel somewhat disjointed, it also works to ensure that every track shines with its own character. Songs like ‘Thanks’ revel in deep organ and piano keys, adding a sense of depth and drama, while highlights such as ‘Margaret’ and ‘Window Out’ deliver some of the strongest production and performances on the album. 

Produced by avant-rock genius Todd Rittmann, and featuring performances from vocal luminaries Emily Bindiger, Judi Vinar, Annmarie Cullen, and Mem Nahadr, ‘Casino Wilderness Period’ is an undeniably original album that will have you lost in thought and quiet reflection for hours after it’s finished.

An album of eight distinct songs and shades, ‘Casino Wilderness Period’ sees Sacha diving into old inspirations, from more ambient worlds, to nostalgic pop, and blissful RnB. It’s an album that is distinctly Sacha’s, creating a world that no other artist could ever replicate, and for that alone, it deserves celebrating. The kick is that the album is also wonderfully entertaining and for the most part, easily accessible, meaning that every listener can enjoy Sacha’s world and find comfort wherever they might need it.

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