Aidan Selene – ‘Why Did You Stay?’

An artist with seemingly limitless creativity, Aidan Selene has been delivering some of our favourite dark-pop albums of the year so far, capitalising on a surge of momentum that she’s built on tracks like the bittersweet anthem ‘I Cry At Parties’, the wonderfully emotive ‘Jealous Girl’, and most recently, the honest and utterly relatable ‘Habits’.

Today, Aidan has shared another stellar single, one that delves deeper into her unique pop sound and shows that the best is still to come. Titled ‘Why Did You Stay?’, the new single is Aidan at her most authentic and vulnerable, looking past the pop sheen and offering a real glimpse into the darkest and most confusing of human moments. Musically, it’s a soft, building piece, offering rising emotions and fragile, haunting vocals that cut you to the quick every time.

In the same vein as songs by Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and Gracie Abrams, the single is contemporary pop at its most raw and revealing, delivering a stark and enchanting sound that pulls no punches and links us heart-to-heart with the artist. Building perfectly on previous singles, ‘Why Did You Stay?’ is arguably Aidan’s most emotive and affecting singles to date, capturing a real and relatable sound that will have you enraptured.

Speaking openly about her music, Aidan has said, “I use my creativity and craziness for stabilizing and making sense of everything that I feel and see as I grow up,” and you can practically hear that in her new single, with every note and line eclipsed in a wave of tactile emotion. Musically, the single is a glistening slice of dark, alt-pop that easily stands alongside some of the best mainstream singles on the charts today.

Available now on most major platforms, and as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, where you can also stream Aidan’s previous singles form the year so far, ‘Why Did You Stay?’ is another dark-pop gem from the young artist, cementing herself as one of this year’s most endearing and promising new talents.

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