Alannah Chapman - 'Keep It Classy'

Hailing from Perth, neo-soul R&B singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alannah Chapman releases her commanding new single ‘Keep It Classy’ featuring Drea.

The listener is taken on an intimate trip through her thoughts using lush harmonies and cheeky raps about feel good moments that she wants us to cherish about exploring new relationships. Alannah explained, “If everything is perfect, things would get a little  boring, so let’s keep everything classy, messy and sexy”.

Alannah is one of the most exciting emerging artists pushing alternative R&B and hip-hop beats. In Alannah’s musical existence, three things reign supreme - writing, playing and sharing her unique and addictive blend of jazz infused alternative R&B with hip-hop beats; she is inspired by a diverse array of artists including Bruno Major, Hope Tala, Green Tea Peng, Connor Albert and Noga Erez. 

In her early years, Alannahwas drawn to her grandparent’s neglected piano before finding her true instrumental love in her teenage years  - the saxophone. After a short stay at a prestigious jazz academy that led her to attempting to quit music, Alannah soon realised this was an impossible endeavour as she found herself back performing on stage just a few months later. 
Coupled with this new found writing ability, Alannah, who has sung privately her whole life but never publicly, found her voice quite literally, as heard on one of her proudest achievements to date - her 2021 debut recorded single, ‘Waiting’, and the subsequent follow-up, 2022’s 'Let Go'.

To celebrate the release of her new single ‘Keep It Classy’, Perth fans can catch Alannah performing with her full band at the Rosemount Hotel.

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