Aleister – ‘Death’

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A rare and talented artist who has become one of our favourite independent voices, Aleister has been carving a bold and wonderfully unique path through the music world, delivering singles that are built on bold, emotive passages and dark emo-trap sounds. After impressing everyone with the incredible ‘Life Line’, Aleister is back and sounding more defiant and expressive than ever.

In recent years, Aleister’s music has become a platform for his passion, and he’s been working hard to break the stigma that surrounds mental health. Drawing praise for his charisma and control, releases like ‘Life Line’ have shone a light on the harsh realities of life, blending free-form hip-hop with soulful vocals to reflect the isolation and struggles of everyday life.

For his new single, the aptly titled ‘Death’, Aleister has continued to explore these dark themes, building on the more poignant musical elements to create an absolutely undeniable release. Echoing ‘Life Line’ in its tone and style, ‘Death’ joyfully breaks the mould, layering post-rock vibes with stark trap beats that drift and fall, while his vocals deliver a maelstrom of clever, evocative lines.

Speaking about the new single, and hinting at more to come, Aleister explained, “This is my second single off my upcoming EP, ‘A Sailors Demise’. The EP tackles the filler and formalities of Mental Health in Active Duty/Veterans members of the United States Military. The first single, ‘Life Line’ starts with the expression that ‘Your life has meaning and there’s more to life than this occupation’ yet as the EP plays you realise the is a sombre memoir; this fictional soldier is giving in to his temptations and trying to find an outlet from the PTSD. ’Death’ picks up a few songs later in the EP and you start to see the fabrics untwine and see them lose their grasp on reality; seeing as their only way out is death. Which begs the question, ‘Am I nothing more than a number, do I truly even matter?’”

Speaking openly about his own struggles with mental health, Aleister further expressed, “mental health has always been a problem of my youth, even now in adulthood. I struggle every day with self-worth, and I try to convey my disparity through my music. Whether speaking about drug addiction, nihilism or just depression. I hope you connect to my music, hit up my Instagram if you ever want to talk.”

An artist to watch, Aleister has always had a strong command over the many sub-genres of hip-hop, but with ‘Death’ and the up-and-coming release of the full EP, he’s proving that he’s a master of his craft.

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