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Benja Meek – ‘Garden That We’re Growing’

  • 1 min read

A talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer based in the creative heart of Australia’s Byron Bay, Benja Meek is arguably one of the most innovative and wonderfully unique artists around. With a penchant for blending dynamic pop aesthetics with elements of electronic, rock, and folk genres, he’s become a truly unique musical force.

After making his mark with the ethereal, new world releases like ‘Fine and Dandy’ and his debut EP ‘Impact’, Benja is back in the spotlight with his most expressive and engaging single to date, the effortlessly dreamy ‘Garden That We’re Growing’.

A perfect illustration of his sonorous and spirited sound, the new single is a perfect embodiment of everything that makes Benja so impressive, delivering a golden mix that shines with hints of ‘90s nostalgia. A bold statement that begs us all to focus on forging a connection with the world, despite its ever-changing environment, ‘Garden That We’re Growing’ is Benja at his most poignant, honest, and impressive.

You can stream the new single below via Spotify, as well as on our annual playlist which features a stream of impressive independent artists from across the globe.

Speaking openly about the new single in a press release, Benja explained how he wanted the track to be received, noting his wishes for it “to empower hope that earth will reach a state of balance.”

An uplifting piece that speaks to every living soul, ‘Garden That We’re Growing’ has the power to change the world, and if enough people tune in, we have no doubt that it will.

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