Alejandra – ‘the people look like flowers (at last)’

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As a Mexican American neo-soul RnB singer-songwriter, Alejandra is arguably one of the most diverse and inspired artists of recent years, and on her latest single, the melodiously mellifluous ‘the people look like flowers (at last)’, she’s doused the airwaves with a heavy and much-needed dose of tranquillity.

Emerging from the underground scene of Atlanta, Alejandra has developed a sublime and wonderfully original sound, one that gently plucks are multiple genres and celestial textures, along with her lush vocal lines, and distinct bicultural makeup. Firing on a tight-knit weave of pulsating RnB grooves and sonic, expressive sounds, the new single is an uplifting and wonderful driven piece, one that captures draws you in and speaks to the heart.

Speaking freely to fans of Sade, Aaliyah, and Selena, ‘the people look like flowers (at last)’ is a pop anthem caught in a state of flux, constantly shifting throughout Latin tones, modern R&B, and timeless soul. Speaking of her latest single, Alejandra explained, “This is the latest instalment in my genre-bending discography, which aims to bridge communities together through the perspectives of a bicultural lens.”

“The song is a lush, ethereal house track that explores the interconnectedness of this world and the power that can be harnessed through raising individual vibration. The song uplifts the listener in love and freedom by curating a dream world for people to experience the sensations of the divine forces circulating through their physical environments.”

With a ten-song mixtape currently in the works, hearing Alejandra in full swing on the new single is absolutely fantastic. A sign of impressive things to come, ‘the people look like flowers (at last)’ can be streamed now on all good platforms.

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