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Shieldsy – ‘Middle Aged Man in Lycra’

  • 2 min read

A uniquely talented artist who has been riding a fun-loving wave of momentum in recent years, Shieldsy is one of the most charismatic musicians in the Australian music scene right now. With over three decades in the music industry and numerous awards, the ‘singer of songs and teller of tales’ has become nothing short of an icon, delivering a bold blend of rock, rap, and vibrant pop with spirited tales of everyday life.

On his last EP, the critically acclaimed ‘It’s the Boss on The Phone’, Shieldsy delivered an authentic and undeniable sound, sharing six wild tracks that shone with a wry smile and plenty of larrikin energy. After that, he delivered a tongue-in-cheek anthem titled ‘Birds Aren’t Real’, shining a light on howling vocals, punk guitar lines, and satirical political activism.

Now, Shieldsy has taken another left turn, pushing his comedic rock sounds into the toe-tapping new single ‘Middle Aged Man in Lycra’. Described as a “rockin feel good ride”, the new single is Shieldsy at his most playful, jumping on the MAMIL bandwagon and delivering a single that celebrates the tireless weekend warriors who squeeze into their lycra and take to the road.

Speaking about the single, Shieldsy summed it up simply by saying, “’Middle Aged Man in Lycra’ is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of middle-aged men stretching into their lycra and getting out on their bikes together. A rockin feel-good ride!”

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Middle Aged Man in Lycra’ is a release like no other, offering a rampant rock ‘n’ roll sound that mixes perfectly with Shieldsy’s energetic vocals, and bold, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that will have you laughing and chanting along.

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