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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Alley of the Dolls create a sonic throwback with modern bite on debut EP 'Urethane'

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After teasing us with the release of their EP all throughout our recent interview, Alley of the Dolls have unleashed the complete collection, delivering five original and unyielding new cuts. A blistering dose of 90s-inspired hard rock, 'Urethane' is a debut with immediate bite, charging out of the gate with a potent mix that will send nostalgic shivers down the spines of rock purists while offering a fresh perspective for younger generations.

Built on the talents of cousins Jacob Stephenson and Adam Pickering, Alley of the Dolls shines with inspiration from Seattle grunge legends like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, while also infusing the raw energy of Guns 'N' Roses and the alt-rock edge of Foo Fighters. While the band wears their influences well, the EP isn't an imitation of nostalgic sounds, with both artists working hard to forge their own identity, letting loose with a sound and energy that speaks directly to the struggles of our current day.

A rallying cry against the abuse of power, 'Urethane' opens with the cathartic release of 'Broken Skies', a stunning opening track where Stephenson's anguished vocals rail against the senseless tragedy inflicted by those who prioritize self-interest over the greater good. It's a sharp and uncompromising introduction that makes you take immediate notice, and it's just the beginning. On second cut ‘Teardrop’, the cousins unleash snarling guitars and haunting tones, stripping bare the predatory mindset with chilling precision.

One of the highlights of the EP, ‘Lower East Side’ captures the gritty realities of artistic struggle, contrasting the heavy tones with driving rhythms and mainstream sounds in perfect form. Elsewhere, ‘Ecliptic Plane’ brings a change of pace, shining with a slower groove while exploring themes of finding solace in the vastness of existence. The crown jewel of the EP though is ‘Polyamory’, a track that arguably captures the very essence of the band. A dirty, unapologetic explosion of riffs and attitude, the track expertly weaves themes of risk, reward, and the pursuit of pleasure, balancing grungy sounds with fierce vocals to leave a lasting impression.

An all-encompassing release, 'Urethane' is a testament to the enduring power of hard rock and the timeless appeal of the 90s alt-rock spirit. Through their shared passion and familial bond, Alley of the Dolls ignite a fire that burns just as brightly as that of their influences. This isn't just a throwback act; it's a band with something to say and a damn good way of saying it.

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