Alt-pop sensation Dela Kay drops her latest single 'IDWTAY'

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Alt-Pop sensation Dela Kay is ringing in the new year with the drop of her latest single, 'IDWTAY'. Short for 'I don’t wanna think about you', the new anthem delves into the complexities of modern dating, exploring the relatable concept of a 'situationship' where one decides to move forward with a new connection, yet the lingering thoughts of a past flame persist.

It's that powerful anthem about moving on but also still leaning into your toxic tendencies, wanting the old person to feel a little jealous while you do it. With a mix of fun, sexiness, and upbeat aggression, 'IDWTAY' is poised to become the go-to song for those navigating the delicate balance between moving on and embracing lingering feelings.

Dela Kay, who hails from the vibrant music scene of Nashville, TN, describes the new track as one of her personal favorites among the new songs she plans to release in 2024. Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Maine, Maggie Lindemann, Paramore, and Avril Lavigne, Dela Kay continues to embrace her Alternative roots while crafting music that is both authentic and edgy. The track follows the success of her previous single, 'Let You Down' which has amassed over 125,000 streams and secured a spot on Shazam's 'Best New Music' Apple Playlist.

With a commitment to releasing a series of singles throughout 2024, Dela Kay is determined to leave a lasting impression and make her mark on the music industry with her unique voice and perspective. "I hope to make a lasting impression, making my artistic mark with authenticity and edginess. I think women have a voice and I intend to use mine and don’t plan on stopping until I have everyone’s attention," passionately expresses Dela Kay.

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