Amanda Ong – ‘Another Little Postcard’

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Fresh from her acclaimed previous release, ‘Leave Me Alone’, singer-songwriter Amanda Ong has announced a brand new and utterly charming single titled ‘Another Little Postcard’.

Born and bred in Singapore, Amanda arrived on the music scene armed with a wonderfully authentic indie-folk, singer-songwriter sound. With a will to soothe listeners struggling with mental health issues through her music, she quickly found her feet among the local art scenes, producing work that faithfully reflects her delightful character and Singaporean roots.

In her new single, the charming ‘Another Little Postcard’, Amanda has revealed a heartfelt collection of letters that she has written to herself over the years. Capturing memories from her youth – her first relationship, studying overseas – to adulthood, a career switch, and more. The new instrumental becomes fuller as the track progresses, as though engulfing the uncertainty in her life until it is no more.

Amanda has a habit of writing to herself in the future. “Every time I went overseas, I would make sure to buy a postcard and mail it back home to myself so that I can reminisce after my trip. It’s my favourite kind of souvenir.”

In light of ‘Another Little Postcard’, Amanda has written and mailed almost 100 postcards to her family and friends in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Japan, America and even Switzerland – with the cover art designed by Chris Chew being displayed on the picture side of the postcard.

Following this release, Amanda will be releasing a behind-the-scenes music video on 7 July 2021, 9 pm, showing the process of mailing her postcards. Her next few songs will touch on her time overseas, exploring travel and long-distance relationships. Her next song, ‘Turbulence’, will be released on the 10th of September 2021.

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