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Jack Galloway – ‘Only Hours In’

  • 2 min read

Born and bred in the heart of London, Jack Galloway is a recording artist and music producer with a story to share. The epitome of a free spirit, when he's not in the recording studio, Jack is usually exploring a far-off country or chilling on a beach somewhere. Described as a ‘dreamer’ and ‘old soul’ all throughout his childhood, Jack started writing songs and playing the guitar at the age of twelve - having been heavily influenced by his father’s love of rock music.

Bringing a fresh flavour to the ’80s and 90’s stadium-style pop/rock music, peppered with a west-coast rock texture and the influence of modern country artists, the result is a sound that is familiar, yet uncharted. Jack delivers a heart-on-sleeve approach to his songwriting, combining it with an aggressive “I’ll speak my truth” attitude and a unique sensitivity and openness about his own life. 

His new EP, ‘Only Hours In’, is a collection of five songs that perfectly showcase his unapologetic authenticity and honesty. Refusing to conform to other people's ideologies, Jack creates music that is true to who he is. Giving an insight into his life, the EP touches on heartbreak, the darker side of a toxic relationship, free-spirited, feel-good love and a defiant, anti-mainstream political statement. 

Starting with the up-tempo pop-rock track ‘End Of This Road’, Jack reveals his most personal song to date, detailing his experiences whilst caught up in a destructive, circular pattern in what he considers to be the most toxic relationship he’s ever been in. From there, the EP travels through his turbulent life, outlining heartfelt moments and failed relationships in ‘Falling For You’, stark self-reflection in ‘Anima’, the undeniable heartbreak power ballad of ‘Blame It On The Rain’, and the politically charged ‘2020 Won’.

An emotional release that succeeds in taking you into the mind of a spiritually connected existentialist navigating his way through life, love and meaning, ‘Only Hours In’ is Jack Galloway at his most pure and authentic.

Stream the new EP above and make sure you follow Jack on his social media pages so you can follow his brilliant journey through music.

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