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Amanda Ong – ‘Square’

  • 2 min read

Born and bred in Singapore, Amanda Ong is an indie-folk singer-songwriter that seeks to soothe listeners struggling with mental health issues through her music. A talented and heartfelt artist who has gained listeners in over eighty countries, Amanda’s songs have been featured on Spotify playlists such as Singapore’s Top Acts and Women Of Singapore. Most recently, Amanda has revealed a series of impressive singles, showcasing her emotive sound with class and style, but with her new single, she’s taken a different path.

Titled ‘Square’, Amanda’s new single is a noticeable departure from her previous releases, layering eclectic lyrics make little narrative sense with honest, imperfect choruses and plenty of soul. In truth, the meaning behind the song is as ambiguous as it is engaging, Even the singer herself can’t seem to recall what it’s truly about. One thing she's sure about is that the chorus hints at imperfection, normalizing it as part of human nature, that mistakes are part and parcel of life.

Despite the title, ‘Square’, its cover art is made up of a bunch of triangles, reflecting the first line of the chorus – “the triangles that form a square are just fragments of a thing trying to keep itself together”. The lyrics further attempt to convince us to accept that everybody has flaws and that a little patience goes a long way into making the world a better place, "if we could just see it for what it is, life could be so much better”. At the end of the chorus, "... that make up a shattered quadrilateral," it tells us that even with our limitations, we can still be whole.  

Following this release, there will be a music video premiere for Square on the 22nd of September 2021 on Amanda’s YouTube channel. Amanda will also release her second EP titled ‘About Me’ on the 22nd of October 2021, which promises to be a collection of songs filled with introspection from time spent in her own mind.

A proponent of the Singapore arts community, Amanda ensures that the work she produces still keeps in touch with her Singaporean roots. To date, she has commissioned a local artist for every one of her releases – setting herself up as a quintessential Singaporean artist.

You can stream 'Square' now on all major platforms.

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