Edward Tonini – ‘For All Who Serve’

A talented gospel singer from Charlotte, NC, Edward Tonini has ministered music in the United States and Canada for more than two decades, charming the hearts and minds of thousands of listeners, and soothing the souls of thousands more. With a textured, soulful voice and timeless gospel sound, Edward has been a channel of inspiration for years, creating original songs that present tests from sacred scripture and liturgy, while also capturing his own easily singable sound.

In recent years, Edward has begun bringing his sound to the world through Bandcamp and Spotify, presenting his music to the world through a string of impressive singles and his acclaimed Christmas album, ‘Epiphany’. Combining modern pop and acoustic sounds with heartfelt messages, Edward’s music focuses on gratitude, love, and freedom, along with his own religious beliefs and faith.

In his latest single, Edward has taken his patriotic sound and perfected it, delivering an authentic, expressive experience that pays thanks for our freedom and for those who serve us, especially during this pandemic. Originally released in 2020, ‘For All Who Serve’ has quickly become one of his most effective and enchanting releases, gaining over 65,000 streams on Spotify alone, while also arriving on YouTube alongside a touching music video.

Available now on most major platforms, along with our dedicated Spotify playlist, ‘For All Who Serve’ embodies all of Edward’s beliefs and passions, arriving as a gorgeous country release that shines with acoustic sentimentality and proud American spirit. Speaking briefly, but openly about the single, Edward described the single as a “song in gratitude for our freedom, for all who serve us, and to Jesus our model of service.”

A wonderfully moving piece that perfectly illustrates Edward’s talents and beliefs, ‘For All Who Serve’ is an essential new release for anyone who loves acoustic gospel. Tune in to the new track above, and make sure you lend your support to Edward by following his social media pages below.

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