Ambient artist Inner Space delves into peaceful snippets of the past with ‘Yesterday 1990’

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An enigmatic artist with a penchant for creating ambient, experimental, and lo-fi hip-hop releases, Inner Space has shared his latest slice of nostalgic wonder in ‘Yesterday 1990’. A light and reflective single, the new track sees the artist touching on everyday icons of the past, stitching together memories of the ‘90s with blossoming instrumental tones.

A slow and melodic track that assembles itself through gentle tones and spacious, unrushed passages, ‘Yesterday 1990’ doesn’t brashly announce itself, but instead fades into existence, making its mark with a gentle, confident style. Through the glistening synth tones, inner Space carefully delivers a series of audio clips, focusing on the forgotten shopping mall tones of no-smoking areas, news clips, and security calls. As the song progresses, the tones and curated melody hold firm, as Inner Space evolves the song through his focus on nostalgic echoes, touching on the closing of Tower Records and Toys R Us to highlight the passing of time.

It's an easy, unassuming release, but there is a magic within that lingers on well after it’s faded to silence. Satisfied to exist in its own creative space, ‘Yesterday 1990’ perfectly reflects Inner Space’s drive for creating the track, becoming another memory that will stay with you for years to come. Speaking of the new single alongside its music video, Inner Space shared, “Another little trip back in time. I hope that it reminds you of a space in your life where you weren't worried about anything except getting to Aunt Millie's pretzel store before it closed.”

As an artist, Inner Space describes himself as “a regular guy trying to find my place in this weird and wonderful world by exploring music and its connection to the universe,” and you can almost hear that in his music. His new single is instantly relatable and accessible, conjuring up a familiarity that transcends genres and styles, and adds to a shared, universal experience.

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