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Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice – ‘Potatoes on Mars’

  • 2 min read

An Italian space rock group influenced by some of the biggest bands of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice are an essential project for any fan of bold, experimental sounds paired with undeniably catchy melodies. After making their mark a few years ago with the cosmic ‘Excerpt from Potatoes on Mars’, the band are finally ready to unveil the full release, and we couldn’t be more excited.

A unique project built by a diverse group of artists, Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice built their sound around Andrea Pizzo's distinct voice and seemingly limitless creativity, designing a concept album about the Universe and some of humanity’s deepest dreams. Dating back to 2019 when Andrea and Raffaella Turbino decided to combine their different natures in a common, expressive project, their debut album is a collaborative triumph, arriving as a musical odyssey that demands to be heard. A brilliant collaborative project, one where songwriting, lyrics, music, singing, and making videos were all shared and celebrated in unison, it’s an album that deserves to be celebrated and placed firmly in the spotlight.

An album of stirring creative choices and sweeping, cosmic passages, ‘Potatoes on Mars’ is sometimes heavy, frequently funky, and always engaging, demonstrating the talents of the musicians alongside a fun soaring story through our solar system. Highlights abound, breaking down barriers and opening up new paths right from the start, opening with ‘Keep On Searching’, an introspective rock opera inspired by Karl Popper’s ‘Principle of Falsification’.

From there, the band continue to impress with standout anthems like ‘Song of Nothing’ and ‘Potatoes on Mars’, two massive, rolling pieces that shine with lyrics clarity, upbeat anthemics, and sharp harmonies that ebb and flow seamlessly. Elsewhere, the stellar ‘Jupiter and The Galilean Moons’ unfolds as a brilliant ten-minute epic, one that covers orchestral passages, bold, sweeping movements, and carefully cultivated references to the moons of Jupiter and the astronomer Galileo. It’s a monumental piece, one that builds to soaring science fiction heights that will stay with the band for years to come.

In the closing half of the album, Andrea Pizzo and his band continue to impress with ‘Pale Blue Dot’, ‘Goldilocks Zone’, and closing number ‘Starship to Heaven’, three immersive pieces that showcase their diverse style. Blending progressive folk sounds, inspired balladry, and a dynamic pop-rock aesthetic, the tracks are a perfect blend of science, imagination, and music.

An album unlike anything else you’ll hear this year, ‘Potatoes on Mars’ is simply undeniable, delivering fearless, experimental sounds with a thought-provoking and wonderfully inspiring feel. It’s an album built to be heard and appreciated, with the music unfolding like the vast cosmos around us.

Available now on most major streaming platforms, Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice’s ‘Potatoes on Mars’ is an album you definitely won't want to miss. Check it out above, and make sure you take a look at the band’s website and social media pages below for more.

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