Martina Stokes – ‘Through To You’

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From the West Coast of Canada, Martina Stokes grew up surrounded by music. Born into a family of musicians, Martina started training as a classical pianist at age four. With a love for performing instilled through theatre, as well as singing at church, Martina has become a natural performer, and after beginning her public recording career in 2021, she’s become an unstoppable force.

Her self-written debut single, 'Foolish Boy', was recorded at Headspace Recording studios in Vancouver, British Columbia and featured some evocative, eery tones and cinematic belts. Now, she’s back in the spotlight with her brilliant sophomore single, ‘Through To You’, a shining new track that is inspired by some of music’s most powerful and prominent pop divas.

Built from shimmering synths, rolling evocative tones, and sharp, cinematic production, Martina’s new single is nostalgic pop perfection, delivering a gorgeous sound that flows with plenty of heart and charm. As the song continues, Martina introduces her powerful pop vocals, layering sweet melodies with an undeniable, upbeat tempo that is all too easy to enjoy.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Through To You’ is Martina doing what she does best, channelling emotion and empowerment into delicate pop sounds. You can stream the new track below via Spotify now.

Available now as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, ‘Through To You’ is a pop gem from Martina Stokes, cementing herself as one of this year’s most endearing and promising new talents. Along with the release of the new single, Martina is currently working on multiple songs and is projected to release an album soon.

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