Anna Barrowman teases her upcoming EP with the release of new single ‘Goodbye’

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A talented solo artist with Scottish roots and an expressive, modern pop sound, Anna Barrowman is teasing the release of her upcoming EP through her new single ‘Goodbye’. After being brought up listening to soul and RnB artists like Alicia Keys and Joss Stone on her Mum's side, and old school dance tracks courtesy of her Dad, Anna has created a dynamic pop sound that hangs perfectly on soulful vocals.

Using piano to write her songs, Anna creates an authentic and personal style that underpins the glistening pop aesthetics. In perfect form, ‘Goodbye’ was inspired by Anna’s own experiences in love and heartbreak, with the song telling a story of soul mates who have tried everything, but just can't be together.

‘Goodbye’ was the first song that Anna recorded, and it shines with personal and reflective touches, balancing catchy vocals and pop hooks with rhythmic breaths and unexpected turns. The song is perfectly punchy, blending Anna's soulful vocals with driving electronic synths.

“Music has helped me through some of the darkest moments in my life, knowing that I am not alone in my experiences or feelings. I write in the hope that my songs will do the same for others, even if it helps just one person on this planet,” Anna shared. “I can’t wait for the release of my debut EP. It has been a long time coming! It’s such an exciting achievement to bring your dreams to a reality”.

The upcoming ‘Mallinson Rd’ EP promises to be a unique fusion of electronic and old-school RnB. Layering Anna’s catchy melodies, heartfelt vocals, and meaningful lyrics, the EP promises to bring something authentic and raw to the table, exploring themes of growing up, love and heartbreak.

Mallinson Rd is where Anna grew up, and reminds her of a time full of fun and fond memories, but also where she learnt a lot of tough life lessons and fell in love with the person who inspired the EP.

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