Los Angeles’ alt-pop artist Bashlow is back with her moody single ‘Pretty Crier’

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Indie-alt pop artist Bashlow delivers the ‘perfect song for a quiet night of wine and tears’ in her cathartic new single, 'Pretty Crier'. Co-written and produced with Will Carpenter of Ships Have Sailed, the track transforms backhanded compliments into a raw, empowering anthem. Backed by gut-wrenching vocals, reflective verses, and a darkly ironic chorus, it's a song that speaks to a deeply relatable pain.

The East Coast-born, LA-based artist, also known as Jess Elise, is a Berklee College of Music graduate with a knack for turning vulnerability into musical gold. Since her bold move to Los Angeles amidst the pandemic, Bashlow has made her mark on the city's music scene, with her music, reminiscent of Halsey and Phoebe Bridgers, drawing inspiration from her own unfiltered experiences.

With a string of successful singles and radio appearances behind her, Bashlow's momentum is unstoppable. 'Pretty Crier' is the latest addition to her growing repertoire and a testament to her ability to turn personal experiences into powerful musical statements.

Speaking about the single, Bashlow shared, “'Pretty Crier' started as a song that lived only in my head as melody and lyrics. When I got into the session with Will Carpenter, that’s when the song really came to life. It is a cathartic, slightly tongue-in-cheek recollection of my first college relationship, which was really unhealthy and emotionally abusive. Writing this song is one way I’ve been able to reflect and heal (along with a lot of therapy), I think because in a way it helps me to see how ridiculous his behaviour was and find humour in an otherwise humourless situation."

Collaborations with Los Angeles' rising talents like Charlie Curtis-Beard, Sleeping Lion, Miette Hope, and Alex Venegas have helped shape Bashlow’s unique sound, making her a staple at iconic venues like the Moroccan Lounge, Townhouse, and the Blackrose, as well as having graced the stage of We Found New Music (WFNM), a showcase known for discovering artists like Billie Eilish, Kim Petras, and Bishop Briggs.

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