Annie Hardy returns with her second solo EP, the ‘Cross Bearer’ EP

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Annie Hardy is the outspoken, boundary pushing visionary and lead vocalist from renowned and widely revered grunge/punk band Giant Drag with whom she attained massive success.

The band released their first EP ‘Lemona’ in 2005 on UK tastemaker label ‘Wichita Records’ which led to a record deal with ‘Kickball/Interscope’ who later went on to release ‘Hearts and Unicorns’ for the band, to much critical acclaim from the likes of NMEPitchfork and The Guardian to name but a few. Annie and Giant Drag then took a break from the limelight before deciding to make a comeback in 2013 and self-release ‘Waking Up Is Hard to Do’ with a vinyl release by Canadian DIY label ‘Yeah! Right Records’.

Annie later released her first solo LP ‘RULES’ (Full Psycho/Yeah! Right Records) which was recorded and produced by Joe Cardamone. The record boasts an array of musical guests including DJ Bonebrake (the drummer of Los Angeles historic punk band X),  Don Bolles (The Germs), Stephen McBean (Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops) and Petra Hayden (That Dog) to name just a few. 

Annie Hardy is now back with her second solo EP offering of the ‘Cross Bearer’ EP. 'Cross Bearer' contains five previously unreleased tracks by the artist.

Each track in turn takes the listener on a sonic, psychedelic journey of self awareness and discovery. There's an eloquent mix of a child-like innocence coupled with an extreme mature wisdom that comes from having lived a life with many twists and turns, a life that has known both pure joy and crushing heartbreak. It's a genre defying, eclectic mix of musicianship and songwriting unlike no other. Annie Hardy has a style all of her very own; she is a leader where others can only follow in her wake.

It's probably unsurprising that Annie Hardy is such a groundbreaking artist given that her influences come entirely from within herself without the unusual outside influences playing a part.  At her own admission Annie hates technology and what it has done to humanity and says that she hasn't watched TV or a movie for twelve years now.

Annie said of the new EP - “All songs were channeled in from another dimension, simultaneously written/recorded in one take without previous knowledge or existence in this realm.”

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