Ireland's pMad showcases his driven new single 'Opinion'

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In his latest single, the aptly named 'Opinion', pMad boldly infuses his unique perspective into music, transforming personal viewpoints into a melodic narrative.

Drawing inspiration from the 80s goth legends such as New Order, Bauhaus, and Peter Murphy, 'Opinion' immerses listeners in a wave of nostalgia through its evocative beats, while seamlessly integrating contemporary thoughts and themes. It's a powerful and progressive track, which is exactly what we've come to expect from pMad.

Speaking openly about the single, pMad shared, “No matter what side or who’s side you’re on, we all have one, an opinion! We have one on people, politics, religions, Gods, wars, music, it all! We are very reluctant to listen to other ones though, unfortunately! How are we to learn, if we do not listen to the other side, even if we disagree, we should be open to hear why they believe that way. It may open our eyes!”

Along with the release of the single, the talented Irish artist is also championing the release of his new album, 'I in Power', which is available now on CD and digital download via his Bandcamp page.

Paying homage to the iconic sounds of the past, while also offering a modern take, the new single makes an indelible mark, seamlessly bridging the gap between timeless musical influences and present-day consciousness.

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