Anthony Hardin – ‘But You’

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After a career spent in the military as an enlisted man and officer, Anthony Hardin has reignited his passion for music, stepping boldly into the light with his evocative new album, ‘But You’. A record inspired by “connection, belief, and the greatness of God”, ‘But You’ sees Anthony in perfect form, delivering a collection of twenty-two passionate tracks that will resonate with every listener.

Written as a collection of affirmation messages from Anthony to God using songs and instrumentals, ‘But You’ sees Anthony performing collaboratively with artists from around the world, including Jamaica, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Italy. In true form, every song speaks to the omnipotence and universality of God, and the songwriting is brilliantly enriched by Anthony passion, truth, and devoted worship.

Throughout his first two albums, ‘The Antney Experience’ and ‘The Antney Experience Part 2’, both released in 2022, Anthony showcased his talents in perfect form, delivering a string of impressive singles like ‘Pray, Trust, Believe’, that emphasises relying on faith when a loved one passes away, ‘Daddy You Got Me?’, that highlights the importance and impact of fatherhood, ‘I See You’, which drives home the message of how we should see each other regardless of our differences, and many more brilliant compositions.

For his latest album ‘But You’, Anthony has continued to intertwine heartfelt instrumentals with powerful lyrics, creating a deeply evocative experience that will captivate and inspire in equal measure. Set for release on May 12th this year, the new album is arguably Anthony’s best, boasting an impressive sound that evolves over twenty-two original tracks. In keeping with his previous releases, ‘But You’ summarises how many people have moved God out of our lives. There’s only one song on the album where Anthony isn’t directly addressing his message to God, with “I Will Not Say Your Name” addressing the painful topic of losing family members to cancer. A special twist on the topic, the song sees Anthony refusing to acknowledge the power of cancer in this song, as he believes his family members ultimately won their battle by ascending to be with God, whose power is greater than any illness.

Another highlight of the album comes in the form of ‘We’ve Moved You Away’, the lead single for the album which was released only recently. Available on most major streaming platforms, it partners perfectly with ‘Miss Me With This Sheet’, a song specially released as a single and serving as the album’s pre-release anthem.

Prior to music, Anthony spent a career in the military as an enlisted man and officer. He is passionate about supporting military veterans’ issues, and his music is inspired by his professional and personal travels, as well as some painful life-changing events, including the death of three brothers to cancer. Music was a constant companion for Anthony as a member of his church’s youth choir while growing up in Gastonia, North Carolina, and in March 2022, he decided to follow his dream of making meaningful message-based music.

His new album is due to be released on May 12th and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes for a special discounted price. Speaking candidly about the album, Anthony has called is “a powerful testimony to remind us of how we can all be united by the power and joy of our relationship with God, now and forevermore.”

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