Molly Rocket - 'Rabbit Hole'

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Everyone knows the story of blue-frocked Alice delicately falling through the rabbit hole to emerge in beloved Wonderland. In an opposite alternate reality exists Molly Rocket’s psychedelic prog-rock re-telling, ‘Rabbit Hole’, where they explode the timeless moment of the fall, charting it as a slow descent into madness.

‘Rabbit Hole’, an insatiable taste of their forthcoming debut EP ‘Syrup’, out May 3rd, strips back all niceties and leaves a grungy, distorted pile of gritty bones, confusion and pure insanity. Showcasing the undeniable talent of the 4-piece from Adelaide, their genuinely refreshing sound positions them for a knock-out debut EP.

The band explained, “Rabbit hole is a song that encapsulates the experience of pure insanity. The lyrics draw inspiration from the iconic children’s story “Alice in wonderland.” which themes and imagery are famously interpreted as the protagonist's mental decline. Verging on poppy, rocky and thrash-y, the sound juxtaposes itself with gritty distorted guitars and menacing drums, alongside the melodic and catchy chorus. The last minute of the track turns up the intensity and is really what the entire song is building up to. A completely chaotic display, showing the darkness in which the bottom of the rabbit hole is and where reality and fiction bleed into one."

Like previous singles, ‘Rabbit Hole’ was recorded at Depict Studios with the track mixed and mastered by long-term collaborator Lachy Pitcher. Their previous 4 singles ‘Kiss You Dead’, ‘DIVE’, ‘Asphalt’ and ‘Methany’ drew attention from industry and fans alike, drawn in by their power, blaring grunge and keen eye for piercing lyrics. Quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with their singles accrued upwards of 160k streams, scored editorial playlisting and radio support nationwide (triple j, RTR FM, Double J, Unearthed, SYN Media, Three D Radio, 4ZZZ, 2SER etc).

In a similar vein to Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, DZ Deathrays and Bad//Dreems, Molly Rocket dial up the power and demand attention. Equal parts dis-orienting, equal parts head-banging, Molly Rocket sacrifices none of the power they’ve been known to incite. Instead they lean into their experimental side and unleash their creativity for an ultimately transcendental, and completely unforgettable listen preparing us for their debut EP.

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