Anthony Williams – ‘TMLB’

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A talented British-Filipino rapper who has made his mark in recent months with singles like ‘Loyalty’ and ‘Long Way’, Anthony Williams is on his way to becoming a national star. Armed with a unique and wonderfully heartfelt sound, his music delivers touching renditions and emotive passages that are back beautifully by a soulful R&B sound. After keeping us all engaged with a string of expressive releases, Anthony is back in the spotlight and ready to introduce his new EP, ‘TMLB’.

Born and raised in London, Anthony has built up quite the following for himself as an artist. His music has touched listeners all across the globe, and his ability to reinvent and reshape his sound has kept him at the very forefront of the UK’s music scene. Armed with a brilliant, emotional style that is backed by his lyrical substance, his hip-hop-inspired sound has been held in the same regard as artists like Lecrae, Bizzle, J. Cole, Jadakiss, Simply Marvinous, Triple O, and Methadon.

As awards and acclaim have swept in after singles like ‘Loyalty’, Anthony is ready to take things to the next stage, releasing his highly anticipated new EP today. Titled ‘TMLB’, the new EP is a polished piece that shines through layered electronic beats, quick-stepping percussion, and Anthony’s spirited verse, resonating through different tracks and genre’s that perfectly illustrate Anthony’s life and experiences.

Featuring lead singles like ‘Manila’, ‘Long Way’, and ‘Loyalty’, along with a brilliant selection of other tracks, ‘TMLB’ is easily one of this year’s most anticipated releases, and now that it’s here, it definitely hasn’t disappointed. Released on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, it’s arguably one of the most spirited and impressive releases of Anthony’s career so far.

One of those rare artists that are destined to change the hip-hop scene for the better, Anthony has a gift that deserves to be shared, and with ‘TMLB’ he’s bound to impress. You can listen to the lead singles from the album today, along with the full release above.

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