Drew Cole – ‘Hometown Heroes’

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A hugely talented soul-pop artist who rose to prominence in 2018 with his appearance on NBC’s The Voice, Drew Cole has spent the last four years releasing a string of brilliant singles. With a following of over 28,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, he’s become a rising star within the American music industry, and on October 7th, he’ll be releasing one of his biggest singles to date.

Born in Seattle during the seminal days of grunge, Drew’s influences and inspirations are as diverse and extensive as the states he has lived in. With a love of soul, rock, and pop music that shines through in his music, Drew’s music has always been timeless, personal, and wonderfully authentic, tapping into a stunning sound that is raw, familiar, and undeniably entertaining.

In his latest single, ‘Hometown Heroes’, Drew continues to cross the lines that exist between soul, pop, blues and electronic, carefully crafting a unique piece that is wrapped in nostalgia and thoughts of moments past. Set for release on October 7th this year, it’s a single that sets Drew apart, raising him to the highest heights of the music industry.

Speaking about the song, Drew explained, “Have you ever dug out that old dusty yearbook to indulge in some high school memories? Well, I have to. Hometown Heroes was inspired by the feeling of being invincible as a kid, almost like being a superhero. Well, it turns out we are in fact mortal and nostalgia is a funny thing. We are all on a journey, and sometimes that journey takes you away from the places and people we grew up with. Hometown Heroes is a nod to our personal origins, a reflection that can leave us with something to hold onto from our pasts. So, press play, and see for yourself.”

With over 24,000 on Instagram, national video-on-demand coverage, and performances at multiple major stage shows and events, Drew has become a brilliant singer-songwriter, and his upcoming single is set to further cement his status in the music industry.

You can pre-save ‘Hometown Heroes’ on all major platforms now.

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