Any Shade of Green – ‘Annie & Dude’

A Canadian producer, DJ, and drummer who has taken on the intriguing musical moniker Any Shade of Green, Matt Downie has become a unique figure within the deep house and techno scenes. Armed with an expansive sound that explores the full breadth of the electronic music spectrum, he’s been proudly releasing music on Natura Viva, Traum Schalplatten and Brise Records, garnering acclaim and carving out his own melodic path.

His latest release, the meditative ‘Annie & Dude’ comes courtesy of Traum Schalplatten, who have recently included the track in the twenty-third edition of ‘Tour De Traum’, an immersive series curated by Riley Reinhold, and featuring big names from Traum alongside some stellar new discoveries. Typically covering genres from melodic techno, melodic house, and electronica to ambient music and a lot of sub-genres, ‘Tour De Traum’ has become an essential series for any fan of evolving electronic styles.

A worthy inclusion, ‘Annie & Dude’ is a downtempo joy, cloaked in rolling, undeniably groovy vibes and deep bass sound that float along perfectly. Reaching almost six-and-a-half minutes, the track is a gorgeous piece of modern electronica that is packed with ruminative tones, cascading beats, and a kaleidoscopic melody that will have you utterly entranced.

Speaking about the new single and its inclusion in the compilation on his Instagram page, Matt shared, “Honoured to be apart of this Tour De Traum compilation of carefully handpicked electronic tracks by @traumschallplatten - so so many greats have released with Traum, I’m grateful to have their support! It’s also my first release outside of house/techno music and it feels real good! Find my track near the end of the album.”

Available now on all major platforms including Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, and more, ‘Tour De Traum XXIII’ is an expansive release that deserved recognition, delivering fifty-two incredible new releases that are sure to impress.

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