Marseille - 'The Jungle'

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Undoubtedly one of the most exciting new bands on the scene right now Marseille have released their latest groovy, summertime funk stomper of a tune ‘The Jungle’ together with previously unreleased  B-side ‘The Universe Is Yours’.

Marseille are a young rock n roll band from Derby, England. Signed to ADR Records. Will, Tom, Joe and Lennon play music reminiscent of the 60’s Merseybeat and 90's Madchester scene with their own individual influences.

In 2021 despite Covid-19 disrupting the music scene. Marseille kept busy, releasing their debut single, aptly entitled ‘Worlds Gone Mad’ and 2 further releases ‘Shout It Out Loud’ and ‘State of Mind’. In 2022 the band upped the ante releasing ‘She Knows A Place’ and ‘Forget It All’ alongside their debut EP ‘Marseille'.

It’s been a busy time for the lads, not only with their relentless momentum in releasing new music,but they’ve also secured themselves since pretty high profiles slots at the likes of the Isle Of Wight Festival and The Big Top Stage at Formula 1 and were featured alongside Liam Gallagher on Soccer AM. The band now bring to us their latest offering, ‘The Jungle’ which sees them defying the stereotypical norm, crafting a single that is all killer and no filler despite it being nine minutes in length.

This track is a groovy floor filler, full of good vibes and reminiscent of many Madchester bands of the early 90’s. It clearly pays homage to the many influences Marseille have got in their locker. It's a tune that really gets into your head and shows off the talented musicianship within the band. It’s full of in your face blasts of cracking hooks, great lyrics, thumping basslines, and fascinating rhythms to keep you hooked and on your feet.

Marseille guitarist Joe Labram has said of the new single, “The song derived from a jam session in Will’s bedroom when we were just 13! I was just messing around when I came up with this killer bassline that we never really did anything with at the time. Fast forward 4 years and now it’s back. With Lennon’s bass skills and fills and Tom’s rhythm sections we have taken that initial riff to a whole new level. Add to that Will’s improvised lyrics and some cool guitar work and The Jungle is born’.

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