Arcane-Gel - ‘Stepping Stones’

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A guitar-driven, alternative rap duo from Bedford, England, Arcane-Gel have been steadily rising to prominence over the last year, delivering a fine fusion of genres that combine twitch emotive lyrics and pensive sounds. An independent duo reshaping the underground hip-hop scene, the pair have recently shared their latest EP 'CONvol.1UTION', a hard-hitting collection that featured the brilliant lead track ‘Stepping Stones’.

Released earlier this year, the EP is a caustic maelstrom of spoken word passages, abstract rap verse, heavy percussion, and lingering, cathartic expression. It’s a style that the band use to full effect on 'CONvol.1UTION', unleashing four original tracks that will cut you to the quick with every listen. The final track on the EP, ‘Stepping Stones’ is arguably the most emotive, spinning a heartfelt story about the pivotal moments in the life of lyricist Ant.

Opening with the sombre line of “I felt my Granddad's death like a lesson in love and loss,” the song casts a heavy shadow, pushing emotion into every inch of the track. Throughout the five-and-a-half minute runtime, the single speaks volumes, touching on loss, love, hardship, and the struggles that Ant has fought to overcome. It’s a fitting end to the EP, but also a strong release that can stand firmly on its own merits as a single.

Both the EP and our feature track of ‘Stepping Stones’ are available now on all major platforms, including the band’s own Bandcamp page. With tracks from the EP reaching over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone, it’s a testament to Arcane-Gel’s talents and abilities, proving that their unique sound is well worth the time to listen.

Along with the release of 'CONvol.1UTION', the band have also shared news that they’re currently working on the follow-up EP, 'CONvol.2UTION', which is due to be released this winter. For more from the band, be sure to check out their social media and Spotify pages below.

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