John Kline - ‘Luminescence’

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A psychologist and recording artist in Mobile, Alabama, Dr. John Kline (to give him his proper title), has been exploring both music and psychology for years now. A unique talent who fully understands the healing and calming power of music, John has recently shared ‘Luminescence’, his seminal new single, and textured ode to the great Jeff Beck.

Released via Wet Present Records, ‘Luminescence’ was written by John Kline, who also plays guitars, bass, and keyboards, alongside Magnus Brandell on drums. Written in memory of Jeff Beck, the single is a celestial journey through high-energy rock sounds, combining a free jazz fusion with more straightforward compositional elements. An instrumental piece, it's wonderfully engaging, catapulting the listener into a cosmic blend of sounds that feels invigorating and improvisational, while also wonderfully curated.

John began playing music during his childhood in Montana, raised among ‘the sheep and the dental floss’, and toured in a variety of bands during his adolescence and early adult life. He studied music and psychology in college, and later pursued graduate and postdoctoral scholarship in psychology. After being transplanted to Mobile, Alabama, ending a decade as an academic gypsy, John opened a private practice and began to construct a forty track digital audio recording studio which he called, "The guiTARDIS.” Created as his sanctuary, the mobile studio led John to truly appreciate the healing power of music, combating stress, anxiety, and depression.

Available now on most major streaming platforms, ‘Luminescence’ is an impressive introduction to John’s creative world, opening up new channels and free creative spaces that will ultimately inspire anyone who tunes in.

Since starting his journeys in music and psychology, John has released dozens of scientific publications, working on topics ranging from neuroscience and unconscious cognition to adult personality and psychopathology. In addition to his work with The Music Therapy Experiment, he has released several solo albums including ‘Different Drummers’ and most recently ‘Rixile Elixir’.

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