Archer - '23'

Gold Coast based artist Archer has released her genre-bending, alt-pop EP ‘23’. The debut extended play features previous singles ‘Bittersweet’ (2023) and ‘Overgrown’ (2021), and is a reflective look both at Archer’s career thus far.

The EP opens with the previously released ‘Bittersweet’, an irresistible pop track that fuses bright, catchy melodies and a certain energy that oozes confidence. ‘Whispers’ takes more of a refined approach, with clean, reverb-soaked guitars and a steady, colourful pop beat. ’Slowly’, the penultimate track on the EP is a piano-based ballad that starkly contrasts her discography so far, opting for a more delicate tone that elevates her vocals to their full potential, further showcasing her knack for sonic versatility.

‘Star’ and the 2021-single ‘Overgrown’ tow the line between pop, hip hop and electronic seamlessly, boasting dynamic, intricate production that will have the bass heads flocking in no time. Written to reflect the time between Archer starting her career and the present, the EP looks at all the changes that have followed since her very first release, ‘Malibu’ back in 2018.

Speaking of the new release, Archer added, “The whole EP explores themes of nostalgia and reflection. I guess it was just a period of my life where I was feeling really reflective and it kind of came out in my music. It’s kind of like standing still and looking at the past and the future and recognising where you’ve come from and where you see yourself going. I’ve discussed 23 being a significant number. The name of the EP came from the fact that I was 18 when I first started releasing music and now I’m 23. Again it’s just me being nostalgic and thinking about all the time that has passed since dropping Malibu and all the things that have changed since being 18.”

Co-produced, mixed and mastered by Melbourne Rapper/Producer Drest, the EP has been in the works since 2021 with the recording of ‘Overgrown’. Archer was given the freedom to try and test the tracks during her time in the studio, with a majority of the material arranged while in the booth.

Archer continued, “Overgrown was released first in 2021 and even though 2021 feels like a while before 2023 I think this EP has really been coming together throughout the years. Whispers and Overgrown were both written in 2021, Star and Bittersweet were written in 2022 and Slowly was written in 2023. The process of making ‘23’ was exciting but also challenging. It was the first time I didn’t have all the tracks fully written before getting into the studio to record them. A lot of the time it was me standing at the mic, writing lyrics in my notes app and just rolling with it.”

Archer has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. She has recently surpassed 3.2m total streams on Spotify, with her previous single ‘Bittersweet’ also landing in Spotfy’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist. ‘Bittersweet’ received a play on triple j’s Home and Hosed program, as well as significant support from Unearthed Radio, SYN, 4ZZZ and Southern FM, as well as editorial support from AU Review, Tone Deaf, The Music and Music Feeds. If her early-career success is anything to go off, her debut EP 23 is sure to make a significant impact.

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