Slip the DJ - ‘SPM’

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A few years ago, Slip the DJ was arguably one of the most often mentioned names around our platform, with the enigmatic producer delivering a steady string of explosive breakbeat anthems all throughout 2019 and 2022. It came as a bit of a shock when the music stopped, and Slip took several years away from the music scene to refocus and recharge.

Thankfully, as 2023 began, Slip came back in full creative force, releasing a stockpile of new material in monthly installments, starting with the triumphant return to form ‘Inside’ and most recently, ‘SPM’, his stellar reworking of Elvis’ own ‘Suspicious Minds’. Armed with an ethos of “something new never hurts”, Slip’s return comes with a far more mature sound, one that lends itself perfectly to more widespread genre crossovers.

An atmospheric cut inspired by an absolute classic, ‘SPM’ is a bold step forward in Slip's style, pushing more melodic passages and structured tones that seamlessly blend with rolling beats and glistening vocal tracks. It's a welcome and wonderfully engaging change, but at its core, it's still a true Slip the DJ release, capturing a familiar sense of confidence and vibrancy, along with a fresh sense of self that he's worked hard to cultivate throughout his years away.

Speaking with us about the new singles and direction, Slip explained, “My sound has matured and slowly turned away from true breakbeat music… I’ve gone into a melodic house of even deep house groove with my written music and my DJ sets. Something new never hurts.”

Along with the release of ‘SPM’, nine more original tracks have appeared on Slip's Spotify page, including ‘Inside’, ‘Little By Little’, and our absolute favourite ‘Focus’. Make sure you check out his links below so you can stream them all.

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