ari hicks - 'Sad Ghost'

Dark pop siren ari hicks has released her upcoming single 'Sad Ghost' from her forthcoming EP 'It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2'. 

'Sad Ghost' is a stunning slow burn alt pop single chronicling the feelings of being stuck in life. With moonlight-tinted synths under ari’s pristine vocals and an intoxicating bass heavy drop to boot, “Sad Ghost” is a delectable infusion of pop, electronic and alt R&B. The song is a deeply confessional track, with ari showing a raw vulnerability and a new side of herself that listeners have yet to see.

On the meaning of the haunting single ari confides, “It's about getting a little too familiar with an emotion that you probably shouldn't, and allowing yourself to get a little too comfortable and stuck in that place of being. There's a vacancy in my presence in this song or almost lack thereof, meant to signify the moment I noticed that I felt whatever this was for so long, I could barely even feel it at all anymore if that makes sense. Feeling alone, secluded, tired, tired of being disappointed and let down. Eventually the easiest thing to do becomes numbing yourself from it almost entirely. 'Sad Ghost' is the voice I gave to that numbness.”

The second single from her upcoming EP, 'It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2' , the new single helps introduce her darker side, and follows her critically acclaimed EP 'It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1', which garnered acclaim by the likes of LADYGUNN who described it as a “fiercely and empowering EP” and by NOTION who proclaimed ari as a “dark pop siren who is one to watch”.

'It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2' explores the rollercoasters of everyday life, the emotional upheaval and complexity of being human as well as the theme of acceptance. Both EPs encompass the upcoming album 'It’s Not That Deep', an honest and bold storybook about unapologetically stepping into your power and a riveting soundtrack of entering your Villain Era. Each Chapter is a collage of stories and experiences that were derived to hone in on the concept of reclaiming your power.

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