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Ariee – ‘Fiya’

  • 2 min read

A supremely talented singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana. Ariee is set to release her highly acclaimed new EP, ‘Fiya’ soon, delivering six tracks that shine with complex rhythms and brilliant sonic sounds.

A unique and wonderfully evocative talent, Ariee has been involved with singing ever since she was young. In the beginning, her passion and love for signing began at her church, and it didn’t take long for her know that music is where her heart lay. With hard work and dedication, Ariee has come a long way, refining her talents and performing in both pop and R&B. After being featured in a Lil Wayne song called, ‘Til She Lose Her Voice’, Ariee has been able to carve out a vibrant path of her own, delivering singles like ‘I Like It’, ‘Hot n Heavy’, ‘Sugar Daddy’, and ‘Complicated’, all of which perfect showcase her sound and dexterity.

For her latest EP, the aptly titled ‘Fiya’, Ariee has crafted a work that combines all the best elements of pop and R&B, while also showcasing her powerful presence in the contemporary music scene. Built on her incredible vocal prowess and melodic choice, ‘Fiya’ offers six hot and hypnotic lyrical tracks that are simply marvellous.

From the very first tones of the opening title track, it’s clear that the EP is packed with power, energy, and heart, and everywhere you turn there will be something truly incredible. Her magnetic singing style mingles perfectly with a series of stellar beats, making every track in the EP bold, brave, and wonderfully enjoyable.

Set for release later this year, ‘Fiya’ is an impressive illustration of Ariee’s many talents, and it promises to captivate and impress listeners in the same way that all her previous EP’s have. You can stream some of the singles and more of Ariee’s works on Spotify, along with the lead single above.

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