WHYNE – ‘Anyway I Miss You’

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Hailing from the creative heart of Italy, WHYNE is an artist like few others. A unique talent who works with multiple genres, he’s a musician and producer with a penchant for crafting infectious tunes and heartfelt, relatable narratives. Originally inspired by artists such as SUM 41, Lady Gaga, The Chainsmokers, Skrillex, and Boombox Cartel, among many others, WHYNE has been carving out his own unique and wonderfully enjoyable sound, and it all began with ‘Anyway I Miss You’.

After beginning his music journey at the young age of ten, WHYNE began studying piano, vocals, guitar, and drums, building his talents and igniting his passion. An avid storyteller, his music is a reflection of his life, channelling his experiences and drawing inspiration from his day-to-day life. His debut release, ‘Anyway I Miss You’ is a perfect illustration of WHYNE sound, capturing a gorgeous and engaging sound that will have you instantly ensnared.

Featuring the talents of independent artists LYNX and Joey Law, the single is the start of something magical for WHYNE. Speaking openly about the track, WHYNE explained, “I wrote the lyrics in three days, and I worked on the instrumental for two months, ‘Anyway’ changed too many times from the beginning, work with LYNX and Joy Law was amazing, their incredible, super professionals and they understood immediately how ‘Anyway I Miss You’ is important for me.”

He continued, “I hope my music will help them if they are in a difficult moment, I hope it makes them smile when they are not happy, and I hope it will let them know that they are not alone if there is something wrong”

Along with his natural ability to invoke emotions, WHYNE also has an innate ability to blend styles and sounds into one comprehensive sound, creating new soundscapes that other artists wouldn’t even dream of. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, WHYNE looks to positively influence society with his music, and is well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal producers in our generation.

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