Armaniii FrmDa Chiii – ‘Party~N~Bullshit’

A bold new talent taking Chicago’s underground by storm, Armani Vondre Robertson, better known by his stage of Armaniii FrmDa Chiii, is arguably one of the most exciting new prospects of the year. With a dynamic, wavy sound that blends charismatic delivery with up-tempo beats, he’s championing a new style that is quickly taking over the internet and the East Coast.

A multi-talented artist who works his magic both as a musician and model, Armaniii was born and raised in the heart of Chicago, and his music is a bold testament to his culture and character. Inspired by artists such as Chance the Rapper, Juice Wrld, and Lil Durk, Armaniii has created a sound that is authentic, homegrown, and constantly pushing for the next level.

The latest addition to his growing catalogue, and arguably the most impressive illustration of his “Waavvyy” sound, ‘Party~N~Bullshit’ hits with an undeniable hook, grabbing your attention from the first few beats and then never letting go. Blending charm, style, and innovation into one unique listening experience, Armaniii’s new cut is simply undeniable.

Available now on Spotify and all major platforms, as well as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, ‘Party~N~Bullshit’ is a true highlight of Chicago’s evolving scene and a powerful  illustration of Armaniii’s seemingly limitless abilities.

Along with the release of ‘Party~N~Bullshit’, Armaniii is also planning a number of impressive new cuts, including his upcoming single ‘Chicago’, which he’s said will be “a Summer Dance Anthem to rep my city”. Check out his latest single above and make sure you follow him on his social media pages below, so you never miss a beat.

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