The Veracious Ones – ‘Hate Myself’

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When we last heard from The Veracious Ones, they had just released their titanic nu-metal release ‘Vacuous’, an unexpected and triumphant single that lit the fuse on a new musical resurgence. Now, the band are back to add further fire to the flames, delivering a raucous cover of an NF classic.

A titanic musical outfit from the creative heart of Melbourne’s blossoming metal scene, The Veracious Ones have been on a mission to resurrect the golden age of nu-metal, bringing back its former glory with a hailstorm of syncopated rhythms, vicious lyrics, and dark, semi-industrial tones.

Previously, the band had hit the nail firmly on the head with the release of their massive new EP, a six-track release that cut away the most over-blown elements of the genre and delivered a fierce slice of metalcore brilliance. Built around six defiant songs that twist the old school sound into a dark maelstrom of cataclysmic flows, skits, and archetypal verse, ‘Vacuous’ changed the game for the better, paving the way for the band to explore new spaces like NF’s ‘Hate Myself’.

Built to impress, the band’s new cover is a prime example of how to transform a track while also retaining the original magic. Caught between the twin worlds of Metalcore and stark rap metal, it’s a cover that hits the ground running and holds nothing back. Check out the new cover below via Spotify, or as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022.

Set to impress throughout 2022, The Veracious Ones are working hard to reinvent the once-great genre, and releases like ‘Vacuous’ and ‘Hate Myself’ are just the beginning.

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