Armed with a unique punk-grime sound, Bang Bang Bunny share new single ‘Hole’

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Where there is rage, rhymes, and very little money to be made, punk-grime band Bang Bang Bunny won’t be far away. A unique and uncompromising act that proudly proclaim they ‘make a gun look shy’, the band are back on our radar with a brand-new single. Led by working class rapper and guitarist Ellese, the group have shared undeniable new cut ‘Hole’, and it’s just as raw and relentless as we could have hoped for.

Colliding elements of punk and rap into a rough and ready sound, the new single is grungy, grimy, and wonderfully gritty, lashing out with raw, jarring rhythms and fierce vocals. Packed with raucous moments and bold choruses, ‘Hole’ is a sharp, screaming track that holds absolutely nothing back.

A devastating track that is unlike anything you would have heard before, ‘Hole’ is a spiked blend of punk and rap that will cut you to the quick time and time again. Available now on all major streaming platforms, it’s a DIY anthem that proves punk is alive and well in Brighton and London.  

To date, Bang Bang Bunny have performed at venues across England, smashed up some main stages at numerous festivals, and appeared on Resonance, Manchester, Brighton, and Soho Radio in 2023. Currently working on two albums, and with their singles like ‘Hole’ and ‘Party’ currently carving out an undeniable path through the music world, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with Bang Bang Bunny.

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