Thunder Club solidify their position as a rising indie rock force with new single ‘Cedar’

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Released in the dying weeks of 2023, Thunder Club’s latest single hits with a wave of sonically-charged, indie-rock anthemics. A significant release for the Baltimore band, ‘Cedar’ takes their already compelling discography to new heights, announcing them as a true creative force ready to take on the new year.

Fronted by charismatic vocals and backed perfectly by rumbling bass tones, intense drums, and tightly intertwined guitar riffs, the single is a musical juggernaut that hits you hard, and then keeps on hitting. Musically, the song is a perfect illustration of how the band’s signature sound continues to grow and evolve, seamlessly blending haunting melodies with more explosive rhythms to set an engaging foundation for the lyrics.

Adding weight and depth to the track, the lyrics in ‘Cedar’ delve into life's highs and lows, taking listeners on a cathartic journey of self-discovery and introspection. Throughout the single, the delivery and lyrics shine with authenticity and strength, as each line makes its mark and draws you into its spell. A truly immersive listening experience, ‘Cedar’ is a picture-perfect illustration of how Thunder Club’s meticulous and dynamic songwriting shines.

Leaving fans eagerly anticipating what sonic landscapes Thunder Club will explore next, ‘Cedar’ is available now on all major streaming services, including Spotify below.

A talented indie rock four-piece from Baltimore, Maryland, Thunder Club has been making waves in the local music scene since 2015. Their high-energy performances and catchy, guitar-driven melodies have earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim from local and national media outlets alike.

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