Asono – ‘Lost’

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For those in the know, it’ll come as no surprise to see Asono featured on our website. A talented artist with a penchant for melodic flow, witty lyrics, and bold, artistic choices, he’s an artist at the very top of his game. Inspired by the likes of Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, and Fetty Wap, Asono has cultivated a visceral and truly engaging style, working with diverse flows and catchy hooks to impress fans and critics around the world.

After starting his rap career in 2015, Asono has become one of the most powerful and impressive talents around, forging a unique style that’s true to his own creative vision, and proving his talents time and time again through releases like ‘Missed Time’, ‘Chances’, and the breakthrough ‘Take My Time’. With a massive amount of hype already circling around him, Asono has announced a brand-new single that is set to be released later this month, and after a few sneak listens, we’re proud to say that his might just be his best yet.

Titled ‘Lost’, the new cut sees Asono reflecting on past relationships, breaking down old experiences and hard conversations to create a new track filled with hard-won wisdom. Musically, it’s a bolt of lightning that hits hard and then keeps on hitting, layering soulful harmonies and heartfelt R&B vibes with clever wordplay, accessible, emotive delivery, and a bold central melody that will be caught in your head for days to come.

Speaking openly about the new track, Asono explained, “the inspiration came from everyday toxic relationships with a hint of melodic melodies. Me as an artist I like to be relatable to the people going through the same things in life, including toxic relationships and the back-and-forth games. This track basically describes situations in that nature and building yourself back up in the end.”

With an official release date of July 11th this year, Asono is working hard to build hype for the next track, and with very good reason. Built to impress, ‘Lost’ starts a new chapter for the South Carolina artist, pushing his sound in new directions and offering an impressive new addition to his already stacked back catalogue.

Set for release later this month, the new single sees Asono in a more contemplative space, discovering more textured and emotive sounds, while still carrying forward the style he first laid down in previous singles. It’s an impressive feat, and it’s a track that will surely make waves once it’s released. For now, check out a quick preview of the track via Apple Music above, and make sure pre-save it today on Spotify.

For more from Asono, be sure to check out his full catalogue of releases on all your favourite streaming platforms or get in touch via his social media pages below. You can also grab some of his official KR3WKR3W merchandise from his official Bonfire store here, which includes tees, masks, and more.

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