DICE - 'The Search'

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In the last year and a half, DICE have gone from WA bedroom rockers to catching and holding the attention of Aussie fans nationwide. They’ve hit milestone after milestone and show no signs of slowing down, with over 1.6 million streams across only eight songs.

For a band only a year and a half old, they’ve firmly staked their sound and name as one that's here to stay. Their career trajectory has been full steam ahead, making it hard to remember a time when DICE weren’t slinging their signature open-air rock and buttery vocals with a sound in a familiar vein to favourites The VANNS, Spacey Jane and Beddy Rays.

Following up a mammoth start to the year, DICE return with their latest single ‘The Search’, a curated introspective song exploring the uncertainty plaguing young people these days. Speaking about the new single, the band explained, “The Search explores the themes of uncertainty of the future ahead, which were heavily influenced by the ever changing COVID-19 restrictions in Western Australia. We also were influenced by climate change and the lack of action we see in today's politics. This drove us to write a song where the meaning is deeper than previous songs we have written as we feel strongly about these issues.”

This release is accompanied by what stands to be a killer launch show in Perth at The Rosemount on the 9th of July. Taking to the stage after their debut national tour brings a wash of excitement and familiarity for the band coming off the high that was a slew of East coast shows.

The band continued, “The four of us are extremely grateful for having the opportunity to travel to the other side of Australia to play our tunes and we owe it all to the fans! Leaving the Perth music bubble was definitely daunting at first because of the tight knit community that has formed, however from the get go we felt right at home on the east coast. It was the most surreal and humbling experience to play infront of crowds where we knew not a single person.”

Furthermore, DICE will be back on the road for another national tour in October supporting another esteemed Perth band for all stops.

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