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Aubade to Sorrow - ‘Holydays in Hell’

  • 2 min read

A bold new voice in the twin worlds of doom metal and dark rock, Aubade to Sorrow has been carving out a soulful and deeply evocative path in recent months. Delivering a string of impressive singles, the unique solo project has become a powerful outlet for thousands of listeners, showcasing a titanic sound that cuts to the bone and empowers you to fight your inner demons.

After first surfacing with the releaseof singles ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Times Have Changed’, Aubade to Sorrow has now shared their expressive third track, ‘Holydays In Hell’, a emotionally-charged piece that reminds you to focus on the good things in life, even if they’re difficult or painful to find. Based on poems that the artist has been writing to themselves as a weekly diary, the single is a perfect blend of raw emotion, fierce doom metal instrumentals, and impassioned musical output.

Speaking candidly about the single, Aubade to Sorrow shared, This project is basically my relief to fight depression. The song is a reminder on focusing and finding the ‘good’ things in life. They are always there even if it's hard to see them.”

Inspired by bands like Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, HIM, and Woods of Ypres, the project is as resilient as it is entertaining, lashing out with a cataclysmic sound that has been fifteen years in development. A standout release that is as much about the music, as it is the artist’s journey, ‘Holydays In Hell’ grabs you sharply by the scruff of your neck and draws you deep into its dark rock spell.

An artist to watch, Aubade to Sorrow has continued to impress fans and critics alike with his music, leaving a trail of raw emotions and hard earned wisdom in his wake. Born out of a desire to fight his demons and surround himself in music, Aubade to Sorrow is a project built to find solace and channel catharsis, blending impressive songwriting with raw, honest moments. As Aubade to Sorrow explained, “It’s based on poems I write to myself almost like a weekly diary. I decided to put music around them because they help me to fight my inner demons so I figured they might help other people, too.”

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