Hutchone - ‘Yarra Boulevard’

  • 1 min read

A rising producer and DJ from Naarm/Melbourne, Hutchone has recently shared his debut single ‘Yarra Boulevard’, a exploratory track that blends atmospheric techno, breakbeats, and captivating melodies with his own experience and memories of growing up in the Melbourne suburbs.

Beginning his journey as a bedroom DJ and producer, Hutchone spent years cultivating his evolving electronic sound. With roots in the Mornington Peninsula, he’s become synonymous with artfully integrating his past and passion into his music, channelling his unique and expansive creativity onto the vibrant dance floors of Melbourne.

His first official release, ‘Yarra Boulevard’ arrives as an ode to late nights driving the iconic road, delivering a stark nocturnal vibes that is layered with smooth instrumentals tracks, glistening synth tones, and light piano chords. It’s a song that hits deep within the heart of the listeners, showcasing an evocative sound that is as enjoyable as it is surprising.

Speaking with us about the single, Hutchone shared, “The song 'Yarra Boulevard' was curated through sounds including brass instruments, synthesized notes, and piano chords. Yarra Boulevard takes the listener on a smooth, flowing journey of positivity and imagination.” You can stream the new single now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

An impressive debut that should easily gain Hutchone a spot on any ‘Artists To Watch’ list, ‘Yarra Boulevard’ is a powerful example of how Australia’s drum and bass scene is evolving. Definitely a song worth streaming, ‘Yarra Boulevard’ also sets the foundation for Hutchone’s upcoming second single ‘Dusk Valley’, which will be dropping on the 13th of October 2023.

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