Austin's Sozora deliver driving metal with a unique vision on 'A Thrawn Course Of Progress'

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Austin, Texas is renowned for its vibrant live music scene, but amidst the blues and country acts, a different kind of sound is emerging – the technical, driving metal of Sozora.

Formed in 2017, Sozora has made a name for itself with a brand of metal that refuses to be pigeonholed, as they've explained, "we strive to play technical and driving metal without conforming to any particular subgenre. We try to touch on a little bit of everything that we enjoy listening too." The band's latest release, 'A Thrawn Course Of Progress' is the perfect encapsulation of this ethos, delivering an elevated sound that hits with a refreshingly unique edge.

After the release of their debut album, 'Pillars' last year, Sozora have shifted gears and refocused their energy. Set on releasing a series of singles to reach a wider audience, the band have found new creative freedom that flows effortlessly into 'A Thrawn Course of Progress'. Experimenting with more diverse styles and versatile sounds, the new single arrives as testament to their creativity, exploding into life with a powerful wall of sound. More  than just a collection of riffs and breakdowns, it's a reflection of their passion for metal and their desire to push boundaries.

In the coming months, Sozora plans to celebrate their seventh anniversary as a band with a brand-new single, and their first-ever music video – a major milestone for the band. Fans can also anticipate an EP release in the later half of the summer. With all this on the horizon, Sozora is a band worth paying attention to for any fans of progressive, technical metal with a dash of the unexpected.

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